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1. Q: Where are you located?

A: Head office is located at 130 Church St., Suit 366, New York, NY, 10007, USA, but it is not open to the public. Please refer to Contact Page for the list of our mailing adresses.

2. Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: Our Customer Service department is available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including ordering by phone and inquiry assistance. Customer Service Representatives respond to our customers on a timely basis with accurate information. We work hard everyday to improve our customer service to the level of satisfaction our customers deserve and have come to expect. Personalized attention is what we provide. Understanding your questions and solving any problems as quickly as possible is of great importance to us. Our customer service department is available to take your inquiry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

3. Q: How can you be contacted?

A: Please refer to our Contact Page for a list of our contact e-mails and mailing addresses.

4. Q: Do you have a free Catalog?

A: You can order our free Catalog by going here.

5. Q: Do you use SSL protection for online orders?

A: Because your personal data security is a high priority, has taken numerous steps to ensure that your payment information is processed confidentially, accurately and securely. uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an encryption technology that protects your personal information. SSL encrypts all ordering information (name, address, credit card number) so no one can read it as it travels over the Internet..

6. Q: Is your company related to the author of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series of books?

A: is the official distributor of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" trademark. We distribute books of the Ringing Cedars series and Siberian Pine products of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" brand.

7. Q: Is there an online community for readers of the "Ringing Cedars" series?

A: Indeed there is. Please visit our "Facebook Page."

Questions on Books

1. Q: What are the books about?

A: The story began in 1994 on the bank of the River Ob amidst the endless expanses of the Siberian taiga. The well-known Siberian entrepreneur Vladimir Megre met with two elderly gentlemen who told him about the amazing properties of the Siberian cedar (also known in the West as the Siberian pine ). At first he didn't pay much attention to what they told him, but as he continued to reflect on it, Vladimir began to discover, in the historical and scientific literature he examined, more and more evidence supporting their words. Finally he decided to organize an expedition with a fleet of river steamers. The expedition was ostensibly for commercial purposes, but in actual fact his overriding motivation was to find the elders again and learn more about the secrets of the cedar.

The books set forth — in very clear language — profound ideas about the education of children and the importance of communicating with living Nature — ideas ranging from nutrition and health to spirituality and sexual relations. With their practical wisdom on matters of everyday life, the books have become the basis for a number of sociological studies and scholarly papers.

2. Q: Are the events described real or fiction?

A: "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" is a real life story that is happening to real people. Started in 1994 the story continues to this day, and looks like it is only a beginning. Vladimir Megre is continuing to write the books of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series.

3. Q: How many books are published?

A: Currently, six books are published in English. In original language - Russian - there are eight books, and book eight has 2 parts. Currently Vladimir Megre is working on Book 8 Part 3. You can see which books are currently available for purchase in our online store here:

4. Q: In what languages are the books available for purchase?

A: The books have been translated to over 20 different languages. We are working hard on making these languages available in the near future. Currently you will be able to find these languages in our store: ENGLISH, RUSSIAN, GERMAN, ROMANIAN, CROATIAN, CZECH. You can see books is these languages in our online store here. Please be advised that books in different languages are available from our Canadian warehouse. Shipping charges will be calculated by Canada Post.

5. Q: How well was the English version translated from the original Russian?

A: All of the translations from the original language vary in quality. The English translation from the original is considered to be one of the best of the series.

6. Q: Which book shall I start with?

A: We advise to read the series in sequence. Although all of these books would be great as standalone titles, each new release is a continuation of a story described.

7. Q: When will the next book be available for purchase?

A: Currently it is unclear when the next book will be published due to the unforeseen problems with the publisher. Please check back to this portion of the website at a later date for further information.

About the Author

1. Q: Who is Vladimir Megre?

A: Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre is a well known writer, the author of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" book series. You can read about V. Megre at

2. Q: How can I contact the Vladimir Merge?

A: Please visit the following page for contact details:

3. Q: At the current time, is Mr. Megre writing any more books?

A: Currently Vladimir Megre is finishing Book 8 part 3 of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series.

About Anastasia

1. Q: Who is Anastasia?

A: Anastasia is a young woman, born in 1969, who is living in Siberian Taiga near a river named "Ob". She is the heroine of V. Megre's books.

2. Q: Is she a real person?

A: Anastasia is not a fictional character, but a real live person. As she said herself in the books, "I exist for those for whom I exist."

3. Q: Is there any relation to the Tsar's family?

A: No, the events of Russian Revolution have nothing to do with Anastasia.

Questions on Siberian Pine

1. Q: What is a Ringing Cedar?

A: As described in the "Ringing Cedars" series, a Ringing Cedar is a Siberian Pine which has aged over 550 years. After 550 years of it's life the Ringing Cedar starts making a pleasant humming sound which is a sign for people to use it's gathered energy.

2. Q: How often do Ringing Cedars appear?

A: As far as we know, a Ringing Cedar appears every 1000 years.

3. Q: Is there a way to get a piece of the Ringing Cedar?

A: The "Ringing Cedar" described in the books was never actually cut, you won't be able to get it anywhere.

4. Q: Are North American Pines different from Siberian Pines?

A: Yes, Siberian Pines produce nuts, where North American Pines have seeds and no nuts.

5. Q: How long do Pines Live?

A: Up to 500 years.

6. Q: Can we grow a Siberian Pine?

A: Yes, you can purchase a Pine Cone specifically for growing purposes.

7. Q: Is there a pendant made out of a Siberian Pine?

A: Yes, we have a Pine Pendant available in our store.

Pine Products


The oil from pine nuts is being extracted for a long time in the Ural Mountains and Siberia. Our ancestors ate cedar nut oil and used it for medical purposes since the ancient times. In XIX century cedar nut oil could be bought on any Siberian market. It has been home-made with the use of only the simplest machinery. It has a soft taste, gold-and-amber color, and a wonderful smell of nuts.

Pine nut oil eliminates a chronic weakness syndrome, increases overall strength of an organism, physical and brain activities. Pine nut oil has virtually no medical contra-indications. It has been proved by modern scientists that cedar nut oil elements and vitamins are in the best balance for human digestion. Pine nut oil taken regularly may improve your energy level. Any vegetative oil can be substituted by cedar nut oil, but nothing can fully substitute cedar nut oil. It can also be used as a facial night cream for returning a natural beauty of the skin.


1. Q: Recommendations on the use of Pine Oil?

The primary use of Pine Nut Oil is internal.  It is recommended to consume it once or twice per day depending if one is trying to fix a specific problem.  For normal use, one table spoon per day in the morning before breakfast will be sufficient to increase your daily energy, give some strength to the body and help keep a person be more focused and clearheaded throughout the day.  For a more specific use a table spoon twice per day is recommended.  It is not recommended to take oil before bedtime for people who experience trouble falling asleep since the oil does give extra energy to the body.

It can also be used for cosmetic purposes.  It can be used as a cream to help rejuvenate skin and keep it younger, as well as adding oil to the hair to raise it's vitality.

Oil is often used to help relieve headaches by rubbing it on the forehead and temples, relieve pain on bruises and open wounds, help accelerate healing processes.  It also acts as a strong disinfectant.

For great articles on Pine Nut Oil please go here.

2. Q: How do I store pine nut oil (cedar nut oil)? How long does it last before it goes rancid?

A: Store your pine nut oil in a refrigerator. Two most important factors to prevent it from going rancid are: 1) store it at a low temperature and 2) keep it away from light. If refrigerated, our pine nut oil has a safe shelf life of 12 months, but - given the exceptional purity of "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" pine nut oil - it may stay fresh even longer.

3. Q: How is your pine nut oil bearing "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" brand different from other pine nut oils sold at some gourmet food web-sites?

A: There are several major distinctions. 1) The cedar nut oil bearing "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" brand comes exclusively from wild-harvested Siberian cedar nuts (Siberian pine nuts) - the most nutritious and medicinally valuable pine nuts in the world. In comparison, other pine nut oils are usually pressed from the Italian pignolia pine nuts, which are not nearly as potent and are often harvested from trees growing in plantations. 2) Our pine nut oil is extra virgin (100% cold pressed from freshly shelled raw pine nuts), whereas most pine nut oils on the market are either not cold pressed or even pressed from roasted (!) pine nuts, which significantly decreases the oil value. 3) Finally, "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" pine nut oil is the only pine nut oil available on the market anywhere in the world pressed with wooden presses in accordance with traditional techniques described in Vladimir Megre's life-changing book "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" (available from our on-line Store). In contrast, all other pine nut oils are pressed using steel presses, which immediately degrades them (contact with steel oxidizes some of the pine nut oil's most important ingredients such as vitamins, and is known to remove the 'life force' from the oil).

4. Q: Any other special instructions?

A: Aside from keeping oil in a refrigerated dark place, no metal should touch the oil as it starts degrading really quickly. It is recommended that wooden spoons should be used in consumption of the oil, plastic or glass spoons would be fine as well.

(also known as SIBERIAN CEDAR NUTS)

Huge plantations of cedar trees grow in the Siberian taiga, said to be the ecologically purest area of the world. The virgin forest of the taiga has never been treated with any chemicals or artificial fertilization, nor abused by agricultural machines. Pine nuts (the seeds of the cedar tree) take two years to mature, during which time the tree accumulates a huge volume of positive cosmic energy. Crops of nuts are harvested manually by people lovingly devoted to this task, working in a pleasant environment without undue haste to create unique products full of positive energy for you.


1. Q: What are 'cedar nuts'? I did not think cedar trees produced any nuts at all.

A: The tree bearing the nuts sold at is called Siberian cedar (or also Siberian pine, Pinus sibirica). It is different from the trees which are called 'cedars' in the U.S. (or, for that matter, from the cedars of Lebanon). Because in Siberia Pinus sibirica tree is only called Siberian cedar (and elsewhere it is often called Siberian pine or Siberian stone pine) - we use the terms 'pine nuts' and 'cedar nuts' interchangeably. We also call our pine nuts 'Siberian pine nuts' to distinguish them from other varieties of pine nuts (e.g., Korean or 'Chinese' pine nuts, American pinyon pine nuts, Italian pignolia, etc.).

2. Q: How do I store pine nuts? How long do they keep?

A: Store your pine nuts in a refrigerator. They keep for 6 months from the date they were shelled and vacuum packaged. You can also freeze them to prolong their shelf life indefinitely.

3. Q: Can I freeze pine nuts to prolong their shelf life?

A: Yes you can. Their moisture content is relatively low, so freezing does not degrade the texture, taste or nutritional and medicinal values of the nuts. In fact, this is a quite natural way to preserve pine nut freshness - during harsh Siberian winters pine nuts do freeze. Frozen pine nuts keep well indefinitely long.

4. Q: Should I roast pine nuts before eating?

A: You could roast Siberian pine nuts (on a pan or in an oven at 325 degrees F), but they are best enjoyed raw - this is how they preserve the most of their nutritional and medicinal values. If you previously tasted raw pine nuts and did not like them raw, chances are that you tried the American pinyon pine nuts (this is a different variety of pine nuts which does become tastier if roasted). Our pine nuts are sold ready to eat. However, they can definitely be roasted, or even roasted and salted to your taste.

5. Q: Are your pine nuts (cedar nuts) the same as the 'Chinese pine nuts' sold in health food and grocery stores?

A: NO. There is a huge difference. First comes freshness. The 'Chinese pine nuts' sold in grocery stores are never really fresh: they spend weeks traveling by railroad in China (in questionable sanitary conditions), then at least two months crossing the Pacific on a ship, and months more in the U.S. before they get onto grocery store shelves. In transit, they are not refrigerated for extended periods of time, which brings quality down and necessitates treatment with chemicals to keep the nuts from going rancid. In comparison, our pine nuts bearing "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" brand are quickly processed, chemicals-free, and shipped directly from Siberia by air to North America, and are refrigerated in clean, sanitary conditions. Second comes fairness and concern for Nature and human rights. The 'Chinese pine nuts' or the ones sold in grocery stores are for the most part pine nuts harvested in Russia, then smuggled through the Russian-Chinese border, processed in China using slave and child labor and then shipped to the U.S. (90% of pine nuts imported into this country come this way). In contrast, our pine nuts are fair trade: harvested in Siberia by local communities, purchased through small-scale local buyers, locally processed and shipped directly from Siberia to North America by air. Finally, the 'Chinese pine nuts' are usually a blend of Siberian pine nuts and Korean pine nuts, the latter being of lower nutritional and medicinal value. In contrast, our pine nuts are 100% pure Siberian pine nuts (from Siberian cedar trees, Pinus sibirica).


Huge plantations of pine trees grow in the Siberian taiga, said to be the ecologically purest area of the world. The virgin forest of the taiga has never been treated with any chemicals or artificial fertilization, nor abused by agricultural machines. Pine nuts (the seeds of the pine tree) take two years to mature, during which time the tree accumulates a huge volume of positive cosmic energy. Crops of nuts are harvested manually by people lovingly devoted to this task, working in a pleasant environment without undue haste to create unique products full of positive energy for you.


1. Q: Can these nuts be grown?

A: The Unshelled Pine Nuts are not specifically for growing purposes. If you with to grow your own Siberian Pine please see the Siberian Pine Cone item in our store.

2. Q: Why is this item not available in Australia and New Zealand?

A: Due to customs regulations this item cannot be shipped to Australia or New Zealand.


Those who wear a small wooden pine morsel on their chest evoke feelings of love and goodwill in themselves and others. Those people gain talent, creativity aptitude, and luck. Any pine morsel, given to people by Nature itself (do not use chopped down trees) help to overcome illnesses.

There are many healers who feel this power, but do not forget about your role - the "medallion" is nothing but an accumulator of your Love and your Light, which it gives back to you whenever you need it.

Tradition of wearing of the Pine Pendant has deep roots. It is mentioned many historical as well as religious books (Bible, Koran, etc.).


1. Q: Are the cedar pendants made from an actual "Ringing Cedar" or are they from a cedar that was not "Ringing"?

A: The pendant made from Siberian Pine which is older than 400 years. These Siberian Pines have positive power, and people who wear one usually notice an increase in their mental and physical health.

2. Q: Should I wear the pendant during sleep, shower and while being involved in sporting activities?

A: Most people prefer to wear the pendant all the time without taking it off. It is not affected by water.

3. Q: Can I change the string of the pendant with any metal material such as silver or gold? Can you recommend any other material for the string of the pendant?

A: Silver or gold are not recommended because Siberian Pine is sensitive to metal. Wool, cotton, or any other natural materials are preferable.

4. Q: How big are these pendants?

A: Pendants vary in size and shape. Mostly they are round with a diameter of 1.5 - 2 in. Of course, like everything in nature, no two pendants are the same.

5. Q: If I give the pendant which I have worn to someone else, does the pendant have same good effect for the person given?

A: At the moment we do not have any information regarding this subject.

6. Q: What is the difference between the pendant with bark and without?

A: There is no difference in the effect of these two pendants. Pendants without bark are only available to Australia and New Zealand due to customs issues.


The seeds of cedar tree are pine nuts. It takes 26 month for a cone to grow and produce the nuts. May and June is a very important period for cedar. Extremely cold and wet, just as hot and dry weather, during that time will decrease the number of grown nuts.


How do I plant a Siberian Pine Tree?

- Un shell the cone.
- Put the seeds (pine nuts) into water of room temperature for 2-3 days. If any seeds remain on the surface of the water level throw them out (usually they are either empty or bad for planting).
- Mix the seeds with scalded sand in a ratio of 1 part seeds to 3 part sand.
- Place the seeds in cold storage by putting the substance with seeds in an environment of 0 degree temperature (lower part of the refrigerator) for a period of no less then four months. Access to air during the storage period is essential.
- Insert the seeds (with a coned end downwards) to a depth of 3-6 cm into a prepared soil (Lightly drained loamy soil, light mix of clay. Avoid sand and heavily fertilized soils).
- Development of sprouts should be visible in 15-20 days.


Medical qualities of cedar are known to traditional medicine since ancient times. They are now confirmed by modern scientific medicine, and supported by Christian and Vedic literature. Virtually everything in a cedar tree – from its needles to bark morsels – possesses medical power. During the past centuries the traditional medicine was the only choice for people, but today many of us use it consciously, refusing to be treated by chemicals and artificial substances. Natural substances that are part of the tree structure help human organism to regain its health and functional balance. They have certain effect on the live cells and tissues, at the same time balancing the processes within the whole human organism as well as within each cell.



Qualities: Pine pillow under the brand name “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” has a distinct cedar nut smell, has antiseptic qualities, and is of a medium softness. Uses: For the full benefit of a normal sleep. Consists of: Fabric – 100% flax. Content: dried, extremely thin layer that exists between the nut and the shell of a cedar nut. Fully natural and ecologically clean components. Known benefits: - Relieves nervous tension. - Assists in deep relaxation. - Assists in deep sleep and rest.- Assists in stress relief. - Gives a feeling of morning freshness. - Improves morning appetite. - Improves blood circulation. - Normalizes blood and inner cranial pressure. - Decreases pain in both head and neck areas. - Pine ethers mobilize spiritual aspects of a Human being. - Pine pillow under the brand name “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” is a unique product with strong healing effects. It is made in consistence with ancient technologies. Supply is very limited. Size: 40cm X 50cm.



Includes a high-quality reproduction of a painting by Aleksander Razboinikov, whose paintings are on the front and back covers of English translations of V. Megre books. 24 x 18 in (60 x 40 cm), full color, 100 lb. gloss paper.


Our Policies

1. Q: What are your company policies?

A: Please view our company policies here.

2. Q: What are the Payment Options?

A: Please refer to the payment options here.

3. Q: What are your shipping rates and delivery times?

A: Shipping rates and delivery times depend on your location and the shipping method you choose. For Domestic orders (USA, Canada, and countries of the European Union) shipping is free for orders over $147. Generally the shipping rates are calculated automatically by the system. If there is a problem with the rate contacts the buyer by phone or via e-mail to resolve the issue. Please refer to the Shipping information in the Store section of our web-site for further information.


1. Q: Do you have wholesale discounts available for your products?

A: Indeed we do. Please visit our wholesale page here.

2. Q: I want to become a distributor of Siberian Pine products. How do I go about it?

A: There are only two requirements for becoming a distributor. First, you must purchase a wholesale quantity of any product available at our wholesale page, and Second, you must have proper storage for the products (Certain products must be kept under refrigeration).

3. Q: Are the books available at wholesale prices as well?

A: Unfortunately no. Currently we are not offering wholesale on books due to the problems with the publisher. It is however a temporary setback, and we are working hard on bringing back the discounts on the books as well.

4. Q: What else do you offer to wholesale clients?

A: There is a number of ways in which we help our distributors. Depending on the size of your order we can provide you with some free promotional materials (catalogs, poster). We also have other promotional material found here which you can print out yourself.

5. Q: How do we acquire exclusive distributorship for a certain area/country?

A: Unfortunately at this time we do not offer exclusive distributorship.


1. Q: I want to volunteer and help spread the word about the Ringing Cedars! How can I do so?

A: Thank you for your desire. Word of mouth is our best advertising. The world needs the Ringing Cedars to be widely available in English, please tell your friends and neighbors about us. Better yet, share our Web site,, with them and help spread the word. It would be wonderful if Anastasia's dream comes true in every country.

2. Q: Do you exchange links?

A: If your website is related to the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" we usually offer a link exchange. Please e-mail us at with a subject "Link Exchange."