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Why doesn't Anastasia go on public television

With this message I shall try straight away to answer several questions that have been asked at the forum and provoked a discussion: "Why will Anastasia not appear on television?" "When will we hear about Anastasia elsewhere than through Megre's books?" etc.

The readers themselves have provided many answers to these questions, it remains only to add something very straightforward. Strictly speaking, to answer a question with a question: What channel is prepared to give Anastasia airtime? Not one, I can assure you. You can try to speak with the television networks yourselves. Another question: Would you want to watch Anastasia's appearances mixed in with commercials for diapers, orbits, and beer?

Would the networks allow Anastasia to speak if she would say that the products being advertised are harmful to people?

What do you think the reviews of Anastasia's appearance would be like? Judging by the organized persecution that occurs in the press, it is clear what they would be.

In answering these two questions, I immediately note the following: Who is preventing the networks or the press from taking a book containing Anastasia's opinions and commenting on them? Organizing a discussion, displaying thereby their attitude toward Anastasia and giving her the opportunity to choose herself where and how she would like to appear.

Even in the first book I wrote how everything began, how Anastasia asked me to write a book, how she taught me to write. At the time I gave her my word that I would fulfill her request, would write a book. But then I thought, why did I promise, why would I, a businessman, sit and write? Then I decided. I'll pay someone to come with a Dictaphone, let Anastasia say what she wants, maybe someone will publish it. I decided that this would be much simpler, quicker, safer, and I wouldn't have to be distracted from my business, and I would be keeping my word.

I told her about this. She, as it seemed to me then, strangely and categorically replied, "Vladimir, you are the father of our son, why do you want to entrust to another what you yourself should be doing for your son?"

The further course of events showed that, in some unbelievable manner, Anastasia foresaw the events of the future and, it seems, in the smallest detail. If we examine this carefully, she in fact answered the questions of the future with her actions and opinions. What is the value of only one of her phrases given in the beginning of her very first book: "I exist for whom I exist." But she did not simply answer, by her actions she anticipated many negative demonstrations.

When two books had been written, various female preachers began to emerge and pass themselves off as Anastasia. To this day one still makes appearances in Altai. People come to see her. She tells them that Megre is such a so-and-so, he stole her thoughts and now writes books. She also declares that she is a wonderful healer and invites people to come to her for treatment. People send indignant letters to the fund. Having been at her appearance, they immediately realized that this was not Anastasia standing before them. But they understood after they listened to her. And how many similar charlatans would there be if at least one person claiming to be Anastasia had been created? What great financial returns. You would, of course, having heard the latest charlatan, realize that you had been deceived, but you would not recover your wasted time and money.

Thus, lately, I have begun to reflect on what Anastasia has said.

By the way, in response to the question:
"And in general, if there were no various negative demonstrations or danger, would you want to meet with someone from the people?" Anastasia answered, "Of course, like any woman I very much want to have girlfriends, someone to talk to. I very much want my friend to be a woman who has been able to give birth to a healthy child."

I think that she wants to talk, not with someone who is simply curious about her, not with someone who simply wants to chat or meet her and then talk about it on every street corner and boast of the meeting, but with someone who has really accomplished something.

She has said so much in the books, but has the meaning of what she has said been sufficiently thoroughly understood?

For example, not so long ago I myself - rather, with the help of her grandfather - realized the supreme meaning of a phrase quoted in the book Co-creation, where, in response to the question, what does God want with his creation, and therefore what does God want from man, the answer was, "Conjoint creation and joy for all from its contemplation."

Grandfather proved to me and showed me that this phrase was indeed uttered by God. But even more staggering is the fact that the proofs, moreover irrefutable, are contained in the phrase itself. I will mention them in the seventh book. But in the meantime, try to find them yourself. The same goes for the meaning of many of Anastasia's other phrases. Then a meeting with her will be more interesting, both for her and for you.

In general, in the course of the discussion, the readers provided sufficiently wise and profound substantive answers to the question posed, thank you for your understanding. From the course of the discussion in question, it is clear that many people scan the situation so well that they themselves will soon be writing books and that for them the discussion itself will be a school of its own.

I like the many messages from the forum, both critical and kind. I would not like to see any rude or insulting ones. I ask the administrators simply to remove the insulting ones without any debate or explanation. I shall answer one of them, but in the future I will not answer similar ones.

So, one of the messages reads:
"And with regard to Megre, I can say this: he's a real b...d if he can live far away from a woman like that and his son. I would abandon all my personal habits, abandon everything, but I would never leave her, but this guy's capable of doing it."

If you are declaring your love for Anastasia, then do so; if you are asking her to welcome you at her home in the taiga, ask, it's your right. As regards to why I have not gone off to live in the taiga with Anastasia - and in such an insulting tone no less, a "guy like Megre" - I will answer that I can also give just as good as I get without being shy about it.

But about love I will say this: Everyone has different conceptions of love. And mine probably differs from yours. And, I'm sure; it will not please many people, especially women. Because I consider the phrase "I love you" to be stupid. If you love, you have to prove this love with deeds. Prove it in such a way that there is no need to speak of love, in such a way that it is obvious with nothing more.

Romeo was never my hero. Moreover I believe that men like him are simply ditherers and are really incapable of profound love. And I have never in my entire life ever told a single woman "I love you."

With regard to Anastasia, she asked me to write books, and I write them. I'm glad she didn't ask me to write an opera, because I have a tin ear. But I would even have started to write an opera. And I would have definitely finished it.

If she asked me to get a star from the sky, I would climb the highest tree and leap from the top toward the star. Perhaps I would fly to the ground, perhaps to the stars, but I would definitely make the leap. If I flew down, I would grasp at a branch to prevent myself from crashing to the ground, and I would again climb to the top, and I would again leap, and I would definitely fly to the star, because that is the way it must be. Otherwise you will not fulfill the request of the woman you respect.

To reach your beloved, I believe that you must go, not to the woman, but for the woman.

Anastasia asked me to write books, and I have been writing them for six years, three remain to be written, and if she takes you or someone else, that is her right, and I will nevertheless do what I promised, I will finish writing the books, and my feelings toward her will not change, they will remain within me. Everyone has different conceptions of love. You are entitled to yours, but I am also entitled to mine. Why then should we insult each other because of it?

In the end, I will say this: I, personally, more than anyone else, would like Anastasia to emerge, would like her, beautiful and proud, to be able to walk down the streets, and would want no one, absolutely no one to point a finger or pay any attention, because alongside her, toward her, would be walking many, many women just as beautiful, wise, and proud, and only I would know that a happy Anastasia would be walking among all these women. Of course, to bring this about is more difficult than getting a star from the sky, but I, together with our readers, will make it happen!

V.N. Megre
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